Plugging In the Glampervan

How to connect the hook-up electricity

Most campsites offer electrical hook-ups.  The hookup will provide a 230V supply, which can power most appliances.  Note that many campsites have restricted supplies so it is best to use only 1 appliance at a time to avoid ‘tripping out’ the van or the entire campsite.

The alternative (when wild camping) is to utilise the onboard leisure battery that is recharged by the van's engine or by the solar panel located on the roof.  The leisure battery can power a range of 12V devices but the appliances must be designed to run on a 12V supply. 


To plug into electical hook up

1. Locate the circular cover half way along the drivers side, just in front of the rear wheel.  Flip open the cover.


2. Locate the local power source you have been allocated for your pitch on the campsite.  If possible, park the Glampervan with the driver's side on the same side as the power source.

Warning Like all electrical items - please keep the ends of the cable dry when they are not plugged in and do not plug them in, if they are wet.



5. Insert the (blue) end - with the cover flap - into the van.  Ensure you lift the cover flap and push it forward with the flap parallel above the plug.  Again it should 'click' into the socket. 

6. Check the electricity is connected on the panel above the door.

** if power has not connected, go back and check that the campsite plug is fully in.  This is usually the problem.


To unplug

1. Push down the black lever to release the plug from the van.


To unplug

1. Push down the black lever to release the plug from the van.


2. Unplug the campsite end by just pulling the plug out of the socket.
3. Wind the cable back onto the storage reel ensuring that it is neatly done to avoid damaging the cable.