Levelling the Glampervan

Ensure that the vehicle is as level as possible so gas and water flow is correct throughout the Glampervan; and so you don't roll out of bed!!

In the garage you will find a red bag with 2 Fiamma wheel levellers. Attached to the bag is also a mini spirit level. 

These levellers are to be used to lift one or two of the wheels to level out the Glampervan. 

  • Put the leveller(s) in position behind the wheel(s) that is (are) to be raised.
  • Carefully reverse the Glampervan up the leveller's slope.  A second person should be outside the vehicle supervising the reversing.
  • The wheels of the vehicle should be in the middle of the leveller with approximately 10mm on each side of the wheel.
  • Place the spirit level on the floor of the garage to check that that vehicle is level.
  • Ensure that the hand brake is secured so the vehicle cannot roll from the final levelled position.
Do not stack the levellers on top of each other to create a higher level.
Do not use the levellers to lift the vehicle for repair or to gain access beneath the vehicle. 
Do not go underneath the vehicle for any reason when it is raised on the levellers.