Managing the Water

How to fill up and empty the water

The water tank provides water to the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the shower and the toilet flush.  It also provides water to the heating/hot water system

The tanks hold 100 litres of clean water, and 120 litres of grey waste water (the water that goes down the sink and shower drains).

It is advisable that you don't drive with a full water tank unless you are planning on wild camping with no access to additional water.  The water will add weight to the vehicles overall payload (total of 505kgs of weight is allowed over and above the empty vehicle weight - i.e. this includes passengers!).

On a campsite, if you have booked a fully serviced pitch - you are likely to have a tap located next to your pitch, otherwise you will need to find the site service point (ask at reception when you arrive).


The water tank is located on the passenger side of the Glampervan.


Open the round flap and find the locked cover.  Use the cabin door key to unlock the cover.


Get the hose reel from the garage and locate the water source. 

** hint – it is much easier to have one person at the tap and the other holding the hose!


Watch the control panel through the window as you fill up. 

Note that the levels are only displayed at 0%, 33%, 66% and 100%.