The toilet in the Glampervan

How to use & empty the chemical toilet

The toilet can be rotated to allow more room in the bathroom for the user, or swivelled it towards the wall to allow better access to the shower and sink.

Note that the Glampervan should be returned with the toilet EMPTY.


How to use the toilet

This probably sounds silly but you need to understand how to open and close the sliding cover inside the toilet bowl.

1. Reach down the outside right-side of the toilet and you should find a lever. 

2.  To use the toilet push the lever to the right.  This will open the sliding cover inside the toilet bowl. 


3. After finishing on the toilet (and flushing); push the lever back to the left position to close the cover again. 

This will stop any smells coming from the toilet cassette.


How to empty the chemical toilet cassette

The first rule of chemical toilets (also referred to as black waste) is that you must ONLY empty them into facilities designed for toilet waste.  The chemicals cannot go into a normal drain or grey waste sewerage system. 

On a campsite the toilet should be emptied into the Chemical Disposal Point or CDP.

If you aren't staying at a campsite - or the site you are at doesn't have an emptying point - you will need to flush the contents of the cassette down a normal toilet.  Ensure you ask before you do this - or take it home and do it there! 


1. Check that when you look into the toilet, that the sliding cover inside the bowl is closed (if not move the lever).

2. Locate the outside locker on the passenger side behind the rear wheels (below the bathroom window).


3. Unlock the locker with the cabin door key into button 1. Then press in both buttons together to open the locker door.


The grey box is the toilet cassette.


4. Push up the yellow lever at the bottom of the cassette


and pull out the unit using the handle.


4. Once out, stand up the cassette up on it's wheels and pull to the nearest Chemical Disposal Point. 


(this is a typical example but if you are unsure, ask another camper - they are usually pretty helpful and friendly!)


5.  Turn out the spout to allow pouring the contents into the drain, remove the yellow cap, and hold in the yellow button to stop 'splash back' whilst pouring. 

Once empty, use the hose to rinse the inside until the water runs clear.


6.  Fill the tank with 2 to 3 litres of clean water, and 60ml of the ELSAN blue toilet fluid (use the yellow cap as a measure).  The bottle is tucked inside the toilet hatch. 

Warning POISON